So You Want to Make Your Own E-Liquid Recipes?

e liquid recipesMaking your own e-liquids gives you the freedom to not only have your own collection of flavors, but also lets you control the strength of the flavor. Once you get started, you can experiment around and see what you can come up with. A better approach is to use a calculator to know what mixing ratio you need. Even better than that is to use the information here to find recipes that have been perfected.

Where To Look For Great Recipes

No need to waste your time hunting up great recipes. We have done the hard work for you and assembled a short list of places to go to make the flavors you want.

Here you can find all kinds of recipes from fruity flavors, drink inspired, candy and chocolate, and tobacco flavors. They even have a mixing calculator to help you tweek the recipe to your liking. Some of the flavors you can find are caramel apple, cherry cinnamon roll, candy corn, heath bar, fuzzy navel, and Cuban cherry.

They have an extensive collection of recipes and a store to buy the supplies you need. Some of their flavors are peanut brittle, blueberry cotton candy, and waffle dream. They have several categories to choice from.

This one has some unique recipes that the previous ones didn’t like caramel pecan cheesecake and cherry licorice twist.

The flavor your looking for should be relatively easy to find with these sources. You may even find some you would never of thought up on your own. The other side of this is this helps you open up to creating your own flavor and sharing it with other users. Sharing your own unique creation may be the certain flavor someone else has been looking for. Enjoy all the new possibilities and flavors you find with these sources.

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